Q: Does Your Company use Vinyl?

A: Not any longer, we now paint all of our designs. We do still have some product available to sell that has vinyl however.

Q: How long does a custom order take?

A: From start to finish is a 2 week turn around, this allows us to hand craft the signs & designs.

Q: Does your company make custom shirts?

A: Yes, we are happy to custom make any clothing desired.

Q: Are all of your signs built as slatted signs?

A: No we are happy to use seamless wood as well, these however can fluctuate in pricing due to having to purchase the wood @ retail.

Q: Where does your company get your materials?

A: We get as much as we can free, however there are times we purchase to use the best products for our customers. Pallets are our largest wood supply, of course we are VERY picky what pallets we use making sure to pick ones that have not been used to haul any hazardous materials.

Q: When selecting designs for a DIY Event do I have to use your mock up designs only?

A: Absolutely not! As in our custom orders, we encourage our customers to bring any & all ideas to us to create.